Enhance Your Stay at Mayflower Park Hotel: Discover our Range of Amenities


Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, the Mayflower Park Hotel is a historic gem that offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern comforts. With its elegant architecture and timeless decor, this boutique hotel has been a beloved landmark since it first opened its doors in 1927.

Step inside the Mayflower Park Hotel and be transported to a bygone era of sophistication and luxury. From the moment guests enter the grand lobby, they are greeted with a warm and inviting ambiance that sets the tone for a memorable stay. The hotel’s attentive staff ensures that every guest is treated like royalty, providing personalized service that goes above and beyond expectations.

Whether you’re visiting Seattle for business or pleasure, the Mayflower Park Hotel offers a range of amenities to enhance your stay. From the cozy guest rooms, featuring plush bedding and modern amenities, to the on-site fitness center and complimentary Wi-Fi, every detail has been thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and convenient experience.

So, if you’re looking for a truly exceptional hotel experience in the heart of Seattle, look no further than the Mayflower Park Hotel. Immerse yourself in the rich history and timeless elegance of this iconic establishment, and discover why it has been a favorite choice for discerning travelers for over 90 years.

History of the Mayflower Park Hotel

The Mayflower Park Hotel holds a prominent place in the historic landscape of downtown Seattle. Its rich history dates back to 1927 when it first opened its doors to guests. It has since become an iconic landmark that combines old-world charm with modern comfort.

Originally, the building served as the Bergonian Hotel, a popular destination for travelers seeking luxury accommodations. In 1974, it was renamed the Mayflower Park Hotel and underwent extensive renovations to restore and enhance its architectural beauty. Today, it stands as a testament to the city’s elegant past.

Over the years, the hotel has welcomed countless guests, including celebrities, politicians, and dignitaries from around the world. Its timeless decor and elegant architecture have made it a favorite choice for those seeking a truly exceptional hotel experience.

One of the hotel’s notable features is its grand lobby, which exudes warmth and invites guests to relax and unwind. From the moment they step inside, visitors are greeted with a sense of belonging and the promise of personalized service.

The Mayflower Park Hotel has seamlessly integrated modern amenities with its historic charm. Each of its cozy guest rooms offers a comfortable and inviting ambiance, providing a sanctuary for weary travelers. The hotel also boasts a fitness center for guests to maintain their wellness routines and complimentary Wi-Fi for staying connected while exploring the city.

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With its enduring history and commitment to exceptional service, the Mayflower Park Hotel continues to be a beloved destination for travelers seeking a memorable stay in the heart of Seattle. Its timeless elegance and dedication to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere have earned it a well-deserved reputation as one of the city’s premier boutique hotels.

Architecture and Decor of the Hotel

The Mayflower Park Hotel is known for its elegant architecture and timeless decor. The moment guests step into the grand lobby, they are greeted by a beautifully designed space that exudes warmth and sophistication. The hotel’s rich history is evident in every element, from the exquisite chandeliers to the ornate detailing on the walls.

One of the standout features of the hotel’s architecture is its stunning facade. With its intricate brickwork and majestic arches, the building is a true architectural masterpiece. The meticulous attention to detail is seen throughout the hotel, from the intricate moldings to the grand staircases.

The decor of the Mayflower Park Hotel is a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary elements. The furnishings are carefully selected to create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere. The rich color palette of deep blues, warm browns, and soft neutrals adds to the timeless elegance of the space.

Each guest room is thoughtfully decorated, offering a comfortable and stylish retreat for travelers. The attention to detail is evident in the high-quality furnishings, plush bedding, and beautiful artwork that adorns the walls. Every element of the decor has been carefully chosen to create a welcoming and relaxing environment.

In addition to the guest rooms, the hotel also boasts several event spaces that are designed to impress. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, the stunning architecture and elegant decor provide the perfect backdrop for any occasion.

The Mayflower Park Hotel’s commitment to preserving its architectural heritage is commendable. The careful restoration and enhancement of its timeless decor ensure that guests can experience the grandeur of the past while enjoying modern comforts.

The architecture and decor of the Mayflower Park Hotel truly set it apart as a unique destination in downtown Seattle. Whether staying for business or pleasure, guests are treated to a one-of-a-kind experience that combines historic charm with modern luxury.

The Grand Lobby and Ambiance

The Mayflower Park Hotel’s grand lobby is a sight to behold. As guests step into the hotel, they are greeted by an impressive space that exudes elegance and charm. The lobby features intricate brickwork and majestic arches, creating a sense of grandeur from the moment visitors arrive.

The ambiance of the lobby is warm and inviting, with exquisite chandeliers casting a soft glow throughout the space. The combination of classic and contemporary elements in the decor creates a harmonious blend that is both timeless and modern.

The color palette of the lobby is rich and sophisticated, with deep hues of burgundy, gold, and green. Luxurious furnishings, including plush sofas and armchairs, invite guests to relax and unwind in style. Beautiful artwork adorns the walls, adding a touch of artistry to the overall ambiance.

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The Mayflower Park Hotel places great importance on preserving its architectural heritage, and this is evident in the lobby’s design. Guests can admire the ornate details and carefully restored features, which harken back to the hotel’s storied past.

Besides being a visually stunning space, the lobby also serves as a gathering place for guests. Whether enjoying a drink at the bar or lingering in one of the cozy seating areas, visitors can soak in the atmosphere and connect with other guests.

The grand lobby sets the tone for the entire hotel experience at the Mayflower Park Hotel. It captures the essence of historic charm and modern luxury, providing guests with a truly unique and memorable stay.


Exceptional Service and Personalized Experience

The Mayflower Park Hotel not only boasts a stunning grand lobby but also offers an exceptional level of service and a truly personalized experience to its guests. From the moment guests step through the doors, they are greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff who go above and beyond to ensure a memorable stay.

The hotel staff is well-trained and attentive, catering to the unique needs and preferences of each guest. Whether it’s arranging for transportation, recommending local attractions, or assisting with any special requests, the team at the Mayflower Park Hotel is dedicated to providing top-notch service.

One of the highlights of the hotel’s commitment to personalized experience is its renowned concierge service. From making dinner reservations at the finest restaurants in the city to securing tickets to popular shows and events, the concierge staff is always ready to assist guests in creating unforgettable experiences during their stay.

Furthermore, the Mayflower Park Hotel places a strong emphasis on attention to detail. Every aspect of a guest’s stay is carefully looked after, ensuring that no request goes unnoticed. From the cleanliness of the rooms to the amenities provided, everything is designed to exceed expectations.

Guests at the Mayflower Park Hotel can also take advantage of additional services, such as complimentary morning coffee, a well-equipped fitness center, and valet parking. These thoughtful touches enhance the overall comfort and convenience of the stay.

With its exceptional service and personalized experience, it’s no wonder that the Mayflower Park Hotel has gained a reputation as one of the finest hotels in the city. Whether guests are visiting for business or pleasure, they can trust that their needs will be met and their stay will be truly exceptional.

Amenities for a Comfortable Stay

When staying at the Mayflower Park Hotel, guests can expect a range of top-notch amenities that enhance their overall experience. From the moment they arrive, the hotel aims to provide a comfortable and convenient stay for every visitor. Here are some of the standout amenities offered at the Mayflower Park Hotel:

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1. Complimentary Morning Coffee

Start your day off right with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, courtesy of the Mayflower Park Hotel. Guests can enjoy complimentary morning coffee in the lobby, ensuring they have a refreshing and energizing start to their day.

2. Fitness Center

Maintaining your fitness routine while traveling is made easy with the hotel’s on-site fitness center. Equipped with modern exercise equipment, guests can get in a workout and stay in shape during their stay.

3. Valet Parking

Finding parking in a bustling city can be a hassle, but at the Mayflower Park Hotel, guests can take advantage of convenient valet parking. Sit back and relax while the professional valet service takes care of parking your car, eliminating any stress associated with finding a parking spot.

4. Business Services

For those traveling on business, the Mayflower Park Hotel offers a range of services to assist with work-related needs. From high-speed internet access to a business center with printing and faxing capabilities, the hotel ensures that guests can stay connected and productive while away from the office.

5. Room Service

Sometimes, you just want to relax in the comfort of your own room and enjoy a delicious meal. The Mayflower Park Hotel offers convenient room service, allowing guests to indulge in a variety of delectable dishes without leaving the comfort of their accommodation.

6. Concierge Service

One of the hotel’s standout amenities is its renowned concierge service. The knowledgeable and attentive concierge staff is available to assist guests with any requests, whether it’s booking a reservation at a popular restaurant, arranging transportation, or providing recommendations for local attractions.

All these amenities are designed to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for guests at the Mayflower Park Hotel. From the small details like complimentary morning coffee to the personalized service provided by the concierge staff, every aspect of a guest’s comfort and convenience has been carefully considered.


From its range of amenities to its commitment to guest comfort and convenience, the Mayflower Park Hotel offers a truly exceptional experience for every visitor. Whether you’re in need of a morning pick-me-up with complimentary coffee, a workout in the fitness center, or assistance with any business needs, this hotel has you covered. With valet parking and room service available, every aspect of your stay is designed to be seamless and hassle-free. And let’s not forget the renowned concierge service, ensuring that you have access to the best recommendations and assistance throughout your stay.

The Mayflower Park Hotel understands that every detail matters when it comes to creating a memorable and enjoyable stay. From the moment you step through the doors, you’ll be greeted with warm hospitality and a commitment to excellence. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, this hotel is the perfect choice for a comfortable and convenient stay in the heart of the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What amenities does the Mayflower Park Hotel offer?

A: The Mayflower Park Hotel offers a range of amenities to enhance the guest experience. These include complimentary morning coffee, a fitness center, valet parking, business services, room service, and a renowned concierge service.

Q: What is the goal of the Mayflower Park Hotel?

A: The Mayflower Park Hotel aims to provide a comfortable and convenient stay for every visitor. Every aspect of a guest’s comfort and convenience has been carefully considered.

Q: Is breakfast included at the Mayflower Park Hotel?

A: The article does not mention whether breakfast is included at the Mayflower Park Hotel.

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