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The modern stresses of day to day life often take their toll – and it’s worth taking the time to remember just how important it is to wind down and take care of ourselves. Whether it’s a relaxing day in the health club during your weekend trip to Aylesbury or a dip in the swimming pool after a stressful day at work, exercise is the perfect way to wake your physical body up and calm your mind down.

Here’s a look at our swimming pool in Aylesbury and exercise facilities right here at the Holiday Inn. All these facilities and more are waiting to help you banish some of that excess energy and just switch off.

Swimming Pool Aylesbury   

Swimming is one of the best ways to get stress out of your system. The beauty of the exercise is how quickly it can make you feel revitalised and refreshed – whether you do 10 lengths or 100. Swimming exercises our whole bodies and avoids much of the stresses and strains of other more intensive activities.

If you’ve had a long and stressful day at work, then you can pop in for a quick swim on your way home, or on your way back to our rooms and suites if you’re staying with us.

Health club and gym at the Holiday Inn Aylesbury

As well as a fully equipped gym right here in Aylesbury, we also offer a range of opportunities for you to take part in exercise classes in our exercise studio. We’ve got plenty of personal training options and events such as spinning, Pilates and stretching classes. What better way to warm up or cool off after an intensive workout in the gym or wind down after a stressful day?

Once you’ve completely finished your exercise regime, head down to our health club and ease away any aches and pains. Enjoy a spa day with us, complete with spa pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and steam room, and you’ll have everything you need to get your body feeling relaxed and elevated.

Great food and accommodation at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Aylesbury

Our gym, health club and swimming pool are open to anyone – whether you’re staying with us or simply passing through on your way home from a busy day at work.

Why not make an evening of it? Once you’ve relaxed in the health club and burnt off some excess energy in the gym, why not refuel with a great meal in our restaurant? The best part is you won’t have to travel far at all in order to sit down and enjoy a great meal right here in Aylesbury.

If you are staying with us, our rooms and suites are waiting for you to complete your evening’s relaxation. Fresh, modern and super comfortable, you’ll find everything you need to sit back and relax.

The team here at the Aylesbury Holiday Inn look forward to welcoming you to our health spa and swimming pool soon. Want to know more? Contact us today with any questions and we’ll help you plan your perfect spa day or relaxing evening.

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